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Crown and Bridges

Crowns and bridges restore your smile when you have damaged, decayed or lost teeth. Bridges literally bridge gaps between teeth when teeth have been lost. Crowns fit over natural teeth and provide support after treatments such as root canals. Our all-porcelain restorations ensure a new, natural-looking smile.


Sealants protect your teeth from decay. Brushing and flossing can’t always reach all the food matter that makes its way into uneven surfaces and grooves in your teeth. Consequently, sealants are applied over these areas to keep plaque from building up and cavities from forming, as well as to protect weak enamel. Sealants are typically made of plastic resin that adheres to your teeth quickly and safely, and can provide protection for years.



With dental bonding, we repair small chips or cracks in teeth. It’s fast, affordable, and easy, and can also be used to improve the appearance of slightly discolored teeth. It can also change the shape of teeth, but is usually recommended only for small cosmetic changes. Typically, the procedure takes little advance preparation and is completed in just 30 to 60 minutes per tooth.

Fillings and Repairs

Fillings and repairs make your teeth strong and healthy again. When tooth decay is present, proper treatment is needed to restore your oral health and prevent the loss of the tooth. We use only tooth-colored composite dental fillings, carefully applied to look completely natural, provide the needed support, and restore your beautiful smile. When a tooth cannot be adequately supported with a filling, but does not require a crown, we provide inlays which fit inside the cusp of the tooth or onlays which fit over the cusp of the tooth. Made of durable porcelain, both inlays and onlays can last for years.


Cleanings and Exams

As time passes, the wear on you teeth takes a toll. Discoloration from food, beverages, medications, or simply the result of genetics, can leave your teeth yellowed and dull looking. Professional teeth cleanings brighten faded, discolored smiles, and help you maintain good oral health. Exams also detect disease when it’s possible to reverse the process and prevent permanent damage.


Translucent porcelain veneers are used for repairing large chips and cracks in your teeth, as well as for reshaping and closing gaps between teeth. These veneers are ultra-thin porcelain shells that attach to the front of your teeth. They have exceptional durability, and can be crafted to match your teeth specifically. And, since they require little to no prepping, they can often be applied in just one visit!



When a tooth is hopelessly damaged, decayed, or missing, dentures can let you smile again. Removable dentures are full or partial prostheses that replace missing teeth. Dental implants provide the longest-lasting tooth replacement possible, using titanium posts that are surgically implanted in your jaw bone to support dentures.

Gum Maintenance and Surgery

We focus on prevention of gum disease, but we realize that millions of Americans have an infection of the gums called periodontal disease. This disease is painless and most people have no idea they have it. But, it is the largest cause of tooth loss by far. We can detect periodontal disease fairly easily with our diagnostic procedures, and then treat it with deep cleaning above and below the gum line in conjunction with antibiotic treatment.

We also correct problems with excess gum tissue or asymmetrical gum lines by removing the excess tissue and reshaping the uneven gum line with surgical laser treatment. The procedure takes little time to perform and is comfortable for the patient. The end result is a more attractive frame for your smile.



We make every effort to avoid the need to extract a tooth. However, when you do need an extraction, we will perform the procedure with a gentle touch and make you as comfortable as possible. After the extraction, it’s important to have a dental bridge or dental implant put in its place to avoid TMJ treatment in the future. We also remove wisdom teeth, a procedure which may be required in order to treat serious conditions relating to your teeth, your palate, lips, jaw or face.

Children’s Dentistry

We are dedicated to providing first-rate, friendly care for your entire family, starting with preventative care for toddlers. We recommend that you bring them in for a first visit around the age of two to monitor their dental development and check for any signs of decay. We begin gentle, routine, yearly cleanings when the children reach the age of four. Our entire staff works hard to provide a comfortable, positive atmosphere in order to encourage children to develop healthy dental habits that last a lifetime.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Working closely with you, we will create a comprehensive plan for a complete smile makeover. First, we will use multiple restorative procedures to restore your oral health, and then, using our cosmetic procedures, create an aesthetically pleasing and beautiful smile.

We can correct tooth color, deal with uneven gum tissue, repair surface flaws, and fix your misalignment, among other issues. We will help you get the healthy, beautiful smile you desire.

Root Canals

Root canal therapy is used to salvage a severely injured, cracked or decayed tooth when the soft tissue in the root canal has become inflamed. If not treated properly, the tooth abscesses. We use a virtually painless technique for removing the infection and sterilizing the inside of the root canal, saving the healthy outer part of the tooth. After restoring the tooth with a dental crown, it will function like any other tooth, a tooth that, with good hygiene, can last a lifetime.


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can restore a brilliant, white shine to your teeth. It can brighten your smile and boost your self-confidence. When your teeth have become yellowed, stained, or dull looking, we can treat you first in our office and then provide take-home trays, whitening pens, and whitening gel that.